I practice Yoga and meditation to invite more balance into my mind-heart-body experience. I draw from this in order to share with more commitment, love and compassion in my everyday interactions both on and off the mat.
I teach Yoga to share my experience of safe, aligned, and challenging practices that allow a fuller more embodied life.


I am a Mama, Creative,  sensory loving, gem hound from New Mexico.  I first came to yoga through ballet and modern dance in my first semester at Sarah Lawrence College.

I am an Inspired Teacher of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga© with ERYT 500 and RYT 500.

Through 16 years of teaching I have solidified skills to help students uncover and develop their Optimal Alignment. From the Tantric foundation of innate goodness I love to interweave alignment, flow, and philosophy into a unique yoga experience. Moving from detail oriented workshop-style to a dynamic flow, I draw from cosmic to mundane themes which offer inspiration for our practice.

I continue to be deeply inspired by my teachers. Many thanks and blessings to Ammachi, Sally Kempton, Christina Sell, Bea Doyle, Darren Rhodes, Noah Maze, Desiree Rumbaugh, Elena Brower, Douglas Brooks, Carlos Pomeda, and John Friend.

I enjoy teaching beginning and advanced asana, meditation, and creativity mindfulness workshops throughout New Orleans. I co-teach 200 and 300-hour Teacher Trainings at Balance Yoga and Wellness in New Orleans and at Bhava Yoga Studio in my home state of New Mexico.

My newest passions include Yin Yoga, non-violent communication, and Creative Mindfulness practices.


Teachers that have and continue to inspire me include: 

  • Ammachi
  • Bea Doyle
  • Christina Sell
  • Desiree Rhumbaugh
  • Noah Maze
  • Douglas Brooks
  • Carlos Pomeda
  • Sally Kempton
  • Hareesh Wallis


What is in a name?

Etymology has always been an interest and a powerful tool in my creative process. Looking back at lists of names I have kept in old sketchbooks or journals, discovering a historical figure’s unique story, titling a painting, naming a planet, or renaming a vision; all of these processes fascinate me in their potential for discovery and manifestation. I believe that words have power, and names have a magic to define and illuminate our purpose.

Star Blossom was a name I received from my parents and an off shoot of Hopi Indian enthusiasts in the early 1980’s. My brother and I both received our Spirit names in a gringo Kiva ceremony outside of Santa Fe. We have worn these names as badges of identity from our early childhoods until our present day. In my experience Star Blossom has paralleled my interest in interstellar phenomena, botanics, and the experience of becoming my fullest self.

It is my hope that this name and this story inspires you to consider your own creation myth, your experience of who you have been, and who you are today. What element of yourself is thirsty to both expand, create, and develop in its’ own named radiance?