Meditation & Visualization

What is the difference? How is meditation distinct from visualization? And where does contemplation or intention fit into these practices?

In a contemporary Yoga practice you will probably be exposed to intention setting or contemplations during the introduction of a class. These contemplations are called Sankalpas, which in Sanskrit means a connection to a vow or truth. When a teacher asks you to set an intention for your practice they are asking you to contemplate a Sankalpa that you can think about throughout your physical asana experience.

A Visualization is in some ways an expanded version of a Sankalpa. It is a guided path for you to follow with breath, words and imagery that typically crafts an environment or feeling to support the Sankalpa.

Meditation is the stillness that can be experienced at the very heart of these practices. The place where you can sit in a quiet repose. A pause between thoughts, feelings, and sensations. A wellspring of dignity and silent emptiness.

People access meditation through various techniques including Sankalpas, Visualization, Mantra, Tapas, Japa, and Kirtan.


Below are three original visualizations for your enjoyment. I hope that they inspire an easeful experience to prepare you for meditation.

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Color Shield Visualization

This visualization guides you through a powerful call to empowerment and protection. Practice this when you feel like you could use an extra boost of self care, self assurance and authentic wisdom.




Yoga Nidra Cakra Relaxation

Please enjoy this Yoga Nidra relaxation that focuses on the illumination of the cakra system. Yoga nidra is a process of step by step relaxation where we move sequentially through the body releasing individual body parts to furthermore relax the entire physical system.


Cakra Empowerment Visualization

The Cakra system is a long held Yogic system of subtle body points of power and awareness. Through this visualization we travel through the 7 standard cakras, exploring their physical placement, their color, and their attributes. This awakening in each cakra can furthermore lead to a clarifying full body awakening of bliss.


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